Newfoundland: Expedition is Finished

At 8am this morning we will be pulling into the harbor at St. John's,  Newfoundland to offload people and gear, and break down our equipment  on the ship.  The mission was very successful, the weather cooperated  during all our survey work with the side-scan sonar and ROV system,  especially while working in shallow water to the west of Cape Race. 

The entire project resulted in the collection of nearly 1000  kilometers of side-scan sonar data and accompanying sensor data,  containing about 100 targets of interest.  We've determined the data  contain a number of different types of shipwrecks and other cultural  material on seabed.  In addition, we collected about 18 hours of video  data using the ROV, enabling us to identify numerous side-scan sonar  targets.  We look forward to a healthy collaboration with our partners  at the Marine Institute at the Memorial University of Newfoundland as  we analyze and interpret the data, and move the project forward for  years to come. 

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