Newfoundland: Grand Banks Survey

Getting ready to launch EchoWe have begun our third day of surveying along our first Grand Banks transect, working our way to the northeast toward Cape Race, Newfoundland. So far we have collected about 60 nautical miles of continuous side-sonar and subbottom profiler data using our towed system, Echo. 

We have explored across Green Bank, mapping the seafloor and collecting dozens of sonar targets of interest to the marine geologists and archaeologists on the cruise. Inside the Echo control labWe have a team processing the data as it's collected, and creating sonar mosaics of the seafloor. We should be continuing this survey transect for another day and a half, then begin our exploration transect to the  west along the south coast of Newfoundland, where selected targets of interest will be explored using our ROV system, Hylas. 

Dwight Coleman
Chief Scientist

Immersion Program: 
JASON Learning: A Partnership of Sea Research Foundation and National Geographic