August 3, 2003

I am writing at 1am KNORR time early AM on Aug. 3. We have spent most of the day on Shipwrecks B and C, collecting survey data including electronic still images and subbottom profiles. We used Hercules to uncover several beams outside the amphora cargo area that are part of the ships hull.

We have recovered several artifacts and wood samples in the sample trays on the ROV. We have experimented with many different tools to perform excavation tasks. Tonight we are filling up our elevators with artifacts from both shipwrecks. The elevators are metal frames with nets and floats and a releasble anchor - lifting devices to carry material from the seafloor to the surface. Tomorrow morning we will send the elevators to the surface and begin the conservation process for the artifacts.

Dr. Dwight Coleman

Immersion Program: 
JASON Learning: A Partnership of Sea Research Foundation and National Geographic