August 13, 2003

We are in the Eastern Mediterannean and conducted a SeaBeam survey of the area on Tuesday when first arrived on site. We deployed ARGUS / HERCULES mid-afernoon and came right down on SKERKI Wreck F. Unfortunately, a hydraulic leak developed and the vehicles were brought back to the surface. Efforts are underway to replace the hydraulic pump and resume our work with HERCULES.

In the meantime, ARGUS is working at Skerki shipwreck D. We have done a photomosaic run of the site. The images are wonderful-- a variety of amphora shapes, lamps, ingots, concretions - as Bob says, a veritable "Wal-mart" of the ancient world! One unfortunate sight, though, is the proliferation of trash at the site - much more than during our 1997 visit. ARGUS will continue working until we get Little HERCULES on-line and then eventually HERCULES back in the game.

Cathy Offinger, Director of Operations

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